In case of enquiries, Joy Flower might ask client's name or the name of client company or email address, etc. How ever personal information will be carefully protected and stored, and will not be used for any purposes but only to reply to the information provider.

Definition of Personal Information
“Personal information” is information that can identify the clien.
Examples include the followings, but not limited to:
The name of the client, address, telephone number, emailaddress, age, etc.

Cases That Require the Personal Information
- When the clients request to provide information of our services
- When the clients enquire about our service
- When the clients request to join our service

Purposes of Using the Personal Information
- To provide the information that the clients requested
- To answer the enquiries from the clients
- To confirm and give guidance about the services that our clients request to join
- To provide the specific service (such as sending mailmagazines)
- To contact our client when it is necessary

Protection of the Personal Information
Joy Flower does not and will not provide the personal information for any other purposes but purposes mentioned above to any third parties except for the following cases.
- Ordered by the authorities according to Personal Information Protection Law, and other laws and regulations
- To protect other clients and Joy Flower's rights, properties, and safety
- When Joy Flower incorporates with other companies, separate the division, or transfers business

Storing the Personal Information
We are taking appropriate steps to prevent it to be lost,misused and changed.

Confirmation, Change and Termination of the Service
For any services, the client can check and change the information that he/she registered, or stop using our service.
In that case, please contact us by email, telephone or fax.
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