Joy Flower/ジョイフラワー 写真

I love people smiling and making a fun space. 10 years have passed since I opened the flower arrangement class to make "memories of smiles" by using flowers.
Floral exhibitions, Study trips, Bridal sessions, Parties, Traveling and etc.
Many activities are to be produced.
I would like to enjoy the life with flowers.
To do so, the basic is essential.
Learning the elegant and beautiful way of flower arrangement, you can create a refined space and a restful peace.
It will be my honor to help you to make another page of your life and smile, with flowers.
Joy Flower/ジョイフラワー ロゴ Joy Flower/ジョイフラワー
(Address:?3 Chome, Abeno Ward, Osaka City)

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